Church of Santa Maria of Cornudella

Esglèsia de Santa Maria de Cornudella de Montsant.

The church of Santa Maria of Cornudella is a great Renaissance work, rectangular, single covered by a barrel vault with lunettes and interconnecting side chapels . The facade, which is the most Renaissance element, opens the north and is flanked by two large towers base.

In the central arch there's the arch gate at level, framed by two Doric columns that support a triangular pediment are smooth on an entablature with triglyphs and metopes . The inside is austere, there is a large heart on the door. Is the only church in Priorat that has two towers, one of which is the steeple, which has little high and is made of stone, like the rest of the building.

This building is a unique example of religious Catalan Renaissance architecture. All of these features as well as its size, giving it a representation in the context of the cultural heritage of Catalonia that makes it worthy of being protected and being legally declared a cultural asset of national interest.