Restaurant Quatre Molins

Quatre Molins (Four Mills) is the eno-gastronomic space at Celler Ronadelles and it is staffed by a team of passionate people for wine culture, quality gastronomy, proximity products and the tradition of past generations.


Our restaurant is a space where you will enjoy pairings designed with care. Singular food and wine. We hope you enjoy an experience that brings pleasure to each and every one of your senses.

Currently, the village of Cornudella de Montsant bases its economy on the production of wine, hazelnuts and tourism, but it has not always been so.

Half-way through the nineteenth century, mills in the area generated a very important job activity. There were ten flour mills, one oil mill and four brandy manufacturers.

Along the Siurana river you can find seventy-two documented mills, four of which are located within the Cornudella de Monstant municipality.

Thus, in honour of the four mills that are still part of our village, we decided to baptize our eno-gastrotouristic space Quatre Molins (”Four Mills” in English).



  • Open kitchen.
  • Air-conditioned restaurant.
  • Small terrace.
  • An area for easy parking 80 meters from the property.
  • Interior capacity for 25 people (five tables).
  • It is possible to have lunch or dinner at the bar facing the kitchen, watching our chef Jordi Servalls.


  • Tailor your own pairing menu or choose a-la-carte.
  • Gastronomical workshops.
  • Executive Menu on weekdays.
  • Productes de primera qualitat i cuina de km. Zero.
  • Wines produced by us.
  • Child Free Area more info.
Carrer del Comte de Rius, núm.8
Cornudella de Montsant
977 82 10 04