Tomb al pantà de Siurana

Ruta Senderisme Pantà de Siurana.

Circular route around Siurana's reservoir, which starts and finishes at the parking of the reservoir

ROUTE: We start taking the "camí de servitud" which borders the reservoir, and we don't have to leave it any time. We will arrive at Toll del Forn, but if the reservoir is full, we will have to return a few meters and take a little trail that will take us few meters higher and we will be able to cross Siurana's river.

After a refresh (in case it's summer) and fill the energies, we will continue the path following the same route which borders the reservoir. We will pass the ruins of "Molí Salvat", and after a long walk, we will arrive to "Barranc de l'Estopinyà" (ravine) we will cross it and we will continue until arrive to "Barranc de l'Argentera" (ravine), which we will cross too and we will follow the route that borders the reservoir.

We will arrive at a point where we will found a signpost, on our right that indicates the PR-7 towards the village of Siurana, we leave it and continue the main road (old path of Siurana) until we arrive to the road that goes from Cornudella to Siurana's reservoir. We turn to the left and we go down until arrive to the harbour following the road.

  • Distance: 10.85 km.
  • Time: 2 hours. 45m.
  • Slope: 213.
  • Route Type: Circular.