Agrobotiga Siurana

Agrobotiga Siurana is a charming shop in Siurana where you can find a lot of products of the Priorat region. The most popular products are the Olive Oil extra virgin with designation of origin Siurana (arbequina) and wines of D.O.Q. Priorat and D.O. Montsant. We also have two wines made and bottled in Siurana "El salt de la Reina" and "Bertran de Castellet".

Some products that you can find are: homemade cheese, olive oil, flavoured oils (lemon, rosemary, spicy), homemade jams, carquinyolis, assorted biscuits, olives, olive pate, quince, natural and sugared nuts, various kinds of honey, chocolates, sweet wine (mistela, muscatel, sweet liquor, ratafia), infusions, etc.

We prepare all types of lots and gift boxes (both for special occasions like Christmas), we adapt to your needs.


Entrada Nucli, s/n